At Pimex, we pride ourselves in creating value-added services in the below paper business areas. We hope by combining our paper knowledge expertise and local staff, warehousing, logistics and convertings services, we can create a win-win situation for our customers.


1) Pimex acts as a gateway into local market  for international premium paper and boards.
2) Proactively working in commercial printing, carton packaging, and food baking areas. 
3) Provide complete sales network throughout the whole Greater China area

1) Carton Packaging Board  
FBB & SBB & UKP & KLB, etc.
2) Commercial Printing Paper 
  Fancy Color & Art Paper, etc.
3) Liquid Packaging Board
Cupstock & Lunch Box Board, etc.
4) Food & Baking Paper
    Greaseproof Baking Paper & Muffin Cups, etc.
5) Industrial & Speciality Paper
  Glassine, Filter Paper, Pressboards, etc.